Portraits of Nicole

Vogar, Iceland
Icelandic Portraits of Nicole

Icelandic Portraits of Nicole

After photographing Nicole & Andrew at the plane crash of  Sólheimasandur, Iceland, we had just enough time on the way to the airport to capture Nicole’s Icelandic portraits in this barren, mossy landscape where only Icelandic horses looked on.

Nicole has a beautifully complicated personality. She is both intellectual and silly. She can embrace rugged simplicity as well as ruffles and lace. She has a light, lovable side and can be the life of the party — boisterously entertaining everyone with the best stories. She can also be quiet and pensive, thinking deeply about life and discussing all the finer points of any situation.

Nicole’s trust is hard earned and, once it is, she is exceptionally loyal. Generosity pours from her heart like fine wine from which anyone in need may drink. She can be idealistic and cynical in the same breath. And, if you can’t tell, she is somebody I value tremendously. 

Thank you, Nicole, for being in my life. You are always in my thoughts, even when we are miles apart. But I like it best when we are traveling those many miles together.

Until we can catch up laughing over a plate of chocolate flourless cake and drinking tea for 4 hours straight, know that I love you, girl, and miss you more than I can say.


Iceland Portrait Photography
Icelandic Portrait Photography
Icelandic Photography
Iceland Portrait Photography
Volgar, Iceland Portrait Photography
Nicole's Iceland Portrait Photography
Nicole's Icelandic Portrait Photography
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Iceland Portrait Photography - Nicole
Iceland Portrait Photography - Nicole Laughs