Galapagos Islands: Genovesa

Volcano Snorkel

A Murky Snorkel inside the Caldera

When we last left off, we descended Prince Philip’s Steps down the steep cliff face of Genovesa Island. With a full day still ahead of us, we next crammed ourselves into wet suits and set out near the caldera’s broken sea wall. The sky had turned cloudy. Everything felt ominous, especially since we were about to snorkel inside the caldera of a volcano. The water was cold, dark and murky. Nutrients suspended in the tumult made it difficult to see anything too distant, and then…

Hammerhead Sharks!

At the sight of 11 awkward humans jumping off the panga and flippering through the water, a group of 6-7 hammerheads scattered in every direction. The head of just one graced my GoPro lens. Our encounter was as exciting as it was quick and they were far more afraid of us than we were of them. While I pined to find them again, there was still so much more to see!

I Spy…

So, what will you see in our underwater video? A toothy Blue-chin Parrotfish munches on the coral reef surrounded by Rainbow Wrasse. A single King Angelfish tries to blend in with an enormous school of Yellowtail Damselfish. Billy, our guide, points out a spotted snake eel while Tim and I discover a sand dollar, panamic cushions, a green sea turtle, a yellow-spotted sea star, and pencil-spined sea urchins.

The world beneath the water’s suface is teeming with fishy life. There was no shortage of  diversity in this location, in part because the caldera acts as a breakwall easing the push and pull of the strong ocean current. Some of the larger fish include Moorish Idols, Mexican hogfish, ringtail damselfish, a giant and bumphead damselfish, a leather bass, and flag cabrilla. Tinier but no less impressive are the panama fanged Blenny fish and orangeback fairy wrasse.

Check it out!

It Ain’t Over ’til it’s Over

Genovesa Island isn’t through with us yet!

Next up, we head to Darwin Bay, the shoreline below the cliffs of Prince Phiip’s Steps. There, I’ll introduce you to nesting magnificent frigatebirds, Darwin’s largest finch, strange-behaviored swallow-tail and lava gulls, a sleepy night heron, and a playful sea lion pup.  

See you there!

Inside Genovesa Island's Caldera

Touring Info:

Touring Company: Ecoventura
Boat: The Letty
Our Fabulous Guides: Billy and Ceci
Itinerary: Western Northern Route

Trip Details:

Time of Travel: June 19-26
Duration: 7 Nights
Islands Visited: San Cristobal, Genovesa, Santa Cruz, Fernandina, Isabela & Santiago

Image Info:

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Be aware. If you travel to the Galapagos Islands and would like to make images to be sold, you must apply and pay for a permit before you arrive in the county.

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