Aubtin's Day in the Life

Catching up with Cousins
Cousin Aubtin laughs with Grandma.

When Kissing Cousins Come to Call

This is a continuation of Demi and Della’s story, one in which good times were had regardless of the flu, and love won the day. Demi and Della love thier tiny cousin, Aubtin. At just 1 year old, he’s already brimming with personality. While most of the household fell ill including Anjella, his momma, Aubtin was forever on the move bringing light to dark corners, laughter to silent spaces, and joy to all around him.  


How Do I Touch Thee?

Let Aubtin count the ways…

Faucet handles. Light sockets. Lamp fringe. Shoes. iPhones. Bagles under glass. Bath mats. Delicate orchids blooms. Bar utensils. Basketballs. Pasta. The dog. Feet. ALL THE THINGS.

And with that face, who can argue?