Max & Gina

Albany, NY Wedding Videography

Soaring to Rooftop Heights!

The brilliance of the summer sun couldn’t outshine the love that radiated from this couple. Max and Gina’s Albany, NY wedding videography captures that very essence. As they gaze into each other’s hearts and share raw, honest, and heartfelt promises to guide their future together forever, many a tear is shed. 

And who would have expected the greatest tears to be shed came from a jealous, suspenders-wearing young man who is less than a decade old. His is a speech to outshine any best man’s speech in the history of best men. For the love of all things sweet and hilarious, you have to click play.

Love, family and heritage are the themes of the day. Max, his father and brother play German form of Bridge taught to his father by his grandfather. Gina’s best friend and “twin cousin” tuck a German handkerchief into Gina’s gown. And Gina’s closest friend and cousin officiates the ceremony.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Deep colors of sunset set in after a dramatic first dance — dips and all — and a good-natured cake smearing. And a sliver of the silvery moon kept watch through endearing dances with the bride, the groom, their mothers and all the mothers sons and daughters who joined in.


Congratulations, Gina & Max!

May you always reach for the sky and forever soar in each other’s hearts, making every generation weep with jealousy.

Thanks to all who made this celebration so special…

Venue/Caterer: Taste, Albany

DJ: Trumaster

Cake: Amy Mears

Flowers: Flowers by Pesha