The New York Sound

Concert Photography, Brunswick, NY
A new 6 man classic rock band hits New York's Capital Region.

A New Band on the Scene!

The New York Sound, a brand new classic rock band, made their debut to an enthusiastic audience in Brunswick, NY. I was asked to shoot the show that night and it was great fun, but the outdoor deck setting posed some challenges.

Here Comes Trouble

With a start time of 6PM, daylight didn’t offer a rock and roll feel, even with the light kit running full force. At night, the close proximity of the light rig to the players’ faces posed a dfferent challenge – harsh, contrasty light with reds that overpowered the camera’s sensor. And, throughout two sets, there was no way these images would have a consistent look.

Day for Night

Post processing to the rescue! With a little Lightroom magic and a few hours work, I was able to create a look as rock and roll as the band, whether the images were taken in daylight or kit light. Check out the before and after — and then go check out the band! 

Lead guitarist, Jeff Goff, looks toward his fellow guitarist for a duet.