The Discomfort Zone

A Tapestry of Emotion

The Discomfort Zone

The goal was to create a fashion spread using one simple tie-in piece — a white top. This project became so much more than a marketing piece for me. It transformed into a vehicle for adventure, self expression and, ultimately, tremendous connection through storytelling.

Collaboration also afforded me precious time with my dear friend Jackie, a.k.a. Jack the Stitcher. By bravely pushing past the comfortable and familiar and broadening our capabilities by daring to dream, we have touched a soft, personal space in each other’s hearts through the magic of storytelling, all by exploring the depths of our imagination.

In turn, I’ve used the fantastical coloborative images to craft so much more than a promotional photographic essay. This project celebrates the magical kaleidoscope of our shared humanity – all wrapped up in the comfort (and discomfort) of Jackie’s subversive cross-stitch on Etsy.

Creative Team

Kim Clune:           Photography, Videography, Edits & Styling

Jackie Kohler:      Model, Makeup, Styling & Cross Stitch


East Nassau & Troy, NY

Etsy Store

JackTheStitcher – nerdy, dirty, & subversive 8 bit cross stitch