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Moments that Matter

Hi, I’m Kim. I’m so happy to meet you.

One of my most treasured posessions is a grainy snapshot of my grandfather kissing my grandmother goodbye from his hospital bed. He knew that he could no longer care for her and deeply regretting having to leave this world first. This one image speaks to the entirety of his love, devotion, tenderness and honor.

Images such as these capture the most beautiful and diverse range of human emotion shared between parents, children, siblings, spouses and friends. And these moments are the ingredients of love, the memories we cling to as lives converge, children grow, precious people pass beyond our reach, and time marches on.






Whether capturing a carefuly planned wedding or the uncelebrated moments of a day in the life, my greatest desire is to make these moments into tangible objects you can hold in your hands as you melt into reverie.

In a world of digital snapshots often scrapped to clear device memory, artistic portraits are treasures to be printed, preserved and cherished, not just in this lifetime, but for generations to come.

I cry at every wedding, laugh with families throughout their ordinary days, and find peace in the presence of nature. Honored to be invited into your most authentic moments, my greatest gift is to share these moments back with you in the form of art that cannot be captured on a cell phone. 



        Kim Clune

Photo by Nicole Nero

Photo: Nicole Nero


Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The amount of love and devotion, not to mention time and energy that you put in, really shows in our wedding video. So many people have given us compliments on the video and photos, and we are eternally grateful for everything you have done for us!

Love, Erin & Ben

Bride & Groom

My first class with Kim was Landscape and Nature and going into it I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What I found was that Kim enjoyed sharing her knowledge with others.  No matter the question, Kim was able to answer.

In regards to class content, I especially enjoyed viewing photos from some of her favorite photographers, and the thought process behind the shot. I enjoyed the class so I decided to continue on to the night photography class.  There I really enjoyed our “field trip” and shooting at night. Kim really helped me to understand lighting after sunset, and even helped me to understand my own personal camera a bit more.

I would definitely recommend taking these classes with Kim. They’re very informative, structured, and enjoyable.

Dallan Larson

Photography Student, Landscape & Night

Kim brings her personal, and training experience to class. Her teaching style is comfortable, and she speaks easily to all levels of photographer experience. Kim is clearly experienced, and very passionate about her work. She references several photographers, styles, techniques and equipment. I had some basic photography training, (years ago), and I was looking for a class that could fill in the gaps, help me improve and to be more creative. This class was a good choice for me. I most appreciated the instruction related to composition. We took our own photos over the week, and later reviewed them in class. Kim would offer technical advice, and constructive critique, (if needed), to help make the shot better. I would recommend this class, and I look forward to upcoming classes, (“Wildlife Photography”).

Bill Gillett

Photography Student, Landscape & Nature

I took a one day class with Kim because I felt I needed to get back to some basics with my camera and settings. I felt as though I developed some bad habits and was becoming too dependent on post processing to rescue my photos. Kim was great. She is so knowledgable and friendly. She quickly made everyone in the class comfortable and no question went unanswered. I still keep in touch with Kim and will not hesitate to take another class with her.

Deborah Balcanoff

Photography Student, DSLR Crash Course

Wow! The pictures are AMAZING! Thank you so much Kim, you and Alex did a fantastic job, we are super happy with them! And you got them to us so quickly. We can’t thank you enough. Happy 4th of July!! Jess & Leith

Bride & Groom

On the day of, [Katherine] and Kim couldn’t have been more amazing! We had a very short window of time to get a lot of shots and their ability to fit everything in, was unbelievable. Throughout the day they were there shooting every moment but you wouldn’t even have known it! We got our photos within 4 weeks of the wedding and they are absolutely gorgeous! They captured our day perfectly and just looking at them gives me the same feeling of joy I felt that day. Thank you Katherine and Kim for doing such a fantastic job! We will cherish these beautiful memories forever!

Kaleigh & Ken

Bride & Groom

I am not photogenic at all and Katherine and Kim made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. The turnaround time for the pictures is so fast its quite amazing. Alysha & Danny

Bride & Groom

Kim, Jackie & Katherine,

Thank you so much for making our wedding day unforgettable. Your team made me feel like a princess the whole time. Thank you for being so amazing and making the pictures stand out. We will cherish an enjoy looking back to our special day because of you three amazing women! Thank you!

Marianna & Kyle

Bride & Groom

Kim Clune’s class has taught me more in one day than a several series of online classes. She knows exactly what she is talking about and knows exactly how to convey her knowledge to the students in such a way that allows everyone to learn. I needed assistance in taking my film photography knowledge and translating it to the digital world. No question was to small for Kim to answer. Her passion for photography is contagious and it is what makes her such a terrific teacher. She is a gem and certainly do not delay in learning from her. The class gave me the tools to enjoy photography again instead of being frustrated by new technology.

Lisa Rittberger

Photography Student, DSLR Crash Course

I really enjoyed the wildlife photography class with Kim at The Arts Center in Troy.  Kim clearly knows what she is talking about and she shares her enthusiasm with the class.  Class sessions were well-organized and Kim was happy to tailor the material to the interests and abilities of the students.  The discussions in class and the homework helped me think about my own style of photography, why I enjoy doing it, and how I want to further develop my skills.  Overall I feel like I learned a lot from Kim and would be happy to take another class with her. 

Ellen Rubin

Photography Student, Wildlife

In Print

“Life changes so fast. Sometimes we lose people, and sometimes it’s just a matter of growing up. This is real, raw life. It’s not made to be beautiful, it is beautiful.”  Read more…