Stephanie & Andrew's Wedding

The Victorian Lady, Adirondacks, NY
Groom Kisses Brides Hand at Lake Champlain
Groom carries bride and kisses her at Lake Champlain

Honor, Loyalty, Family, History and the Future.


Stephanie & Andrew are super fun-loving pair who value the bonds of laughter, love and family. Honoring each of their families, the pair were married at the gorgeous Victorian Lady, an historic B&B on Lake Champlain once run by Stephanie’s grandmother, and their reception took place on Andrew’s family’s nearby land.

Among the abundance of teasing and laughter, an intrepid current ran just beneath the celebratory surface. The Best Man spoke of Andrew’s difficult military tour return and how Stephanie saved Andrew from such a dark emotional place. Deeply feeling the tale of loyalty, honor and the realities of a soldier’s coming home, tears streamed down every face.


After recognizing, with tremendous levity, a past that was, the life that is now and will be to come was, once again, pulled into sharp focus and the celebration of Stephanie’ and Andrew’s new life together broke into a raucus good time.

Blessings came in many forms. Andrew’s grandmother asked everyone to hold hands as she offered blessings on her grandson and his new wife. Stephanie’s grandma seemed to offer a sign as well when the long-broken garden fountain was resurrected by Stephanie’s father just minutes before the ceremony. Stephanie’s brother Wayne gave the gift of videography. And Andrew’s entertaining uncle played DJ for the day, pumping festive fun sounds throughout the valley. And with that, the party continued into the night.

Congratulations, Stephanie & Andrew! 


Wedding party cheers as bride and groom kiss on the porch.
The Victorian Lady