Rock Your Style 2016

for Trinity Alliance

Ready to Rock Your Style?

Rock Your Style is a fun & fashionable annual fundraiser to support Trinity Alliance of New York’s Capital Region. Makeup artists, hair professionals, DJs, photographers, and caterers volunteer their support for the gala while models solicit sponsorships and recieve an award (cleverly made of hangers attached to a silver cup) for the most money raised.

What makes this fundraiser so special?

This grand & gorgeous gala funds Trinity Alliance, an agency that serves the health and well-being of adults and children through education & employment as a means of self-development.

How so?

Trinity Alliance Trinity treats each client as whole person, offering medical , financial and mental health support for children and adults. They host school & summer camp programs, parenting classes, and they run the Homer Perkins Center for substance and alcohol recovery. The varried means of support give their clients the tools they need to build a better life. 


The Details

Director of Development at Trinity Alliance:          Kat Brown
Director of Marketing at Gramercy Communications /
RYS Founder and Event Coordinator:                      Takara Wiles
Event Chairs:                                                                Danielle & David Brown
                                                                                       from Premiere Transportation
Event Committee:                                                       SEFCU

Top Model Fundraiser:                                               Patrick Noonan
                                                                                       Owner: El Loco / Orchard Tavern

Venue:                                                                           Kiernan Plaza
Catering:                                                                       Mazzone
Makeup & Hair:                                                           Stiletto Salon

Bride and groom trash the dress in the name of love and destination wedding photography.