Lynnae & Danny's Red Wedding

Park Asia, Brooklyn, NY

A White & Red Wedding Video

Lynnae & Danny have been one of the most supportive couples that I’ve ever met, each helping the other to accomplish a set of very specific goals. I’ll let Lynnae tell you that story in their wedding video, but suffice it to say they make a fabulous team, quite literally.

Lynnae and Danny have enough love to spread through two matrimonial ceremonies. Their first was an intimate white wedding at New York City Hall with closest family and friends. That auspicious date was based on the Chinese figuring of the couple’s birth dates and times, ensuring their marriage began on a day of good luck. They then had an enormous Chinese Red Wedding at Park Asia in Brooklyn. This is the portion that I had the pleasure of filming. And it was spectacular.

If you’ve never seen a Red Wedding, this is a most festive event to behold. Lynnea wore a gorgeous red lace gown and Thuja leaves (for fertility) in her gold and red jeweled hair. She couldn’t wait to see her lions dance at the reception, but first, Danny visited his grandmother’s house for a sweet dessert soup called 湯圓 tòng yùhn. This is served to wish the couple a complete and sweet marriage, which they will no doubt have! And you have to see the gorgeous wooden replica of their wedding invitation, a gift presented at their reception. Just click the second video to see Lynnae unfolging two beautiful hand-burned wood pieces ties with a red ribbon.

The entire night was a riot of love, color and dance sending these two off into a beautiful life as husband and wife.

May you both have a life filled with love, joy, luck and prosperity! 

Congratulations, Lynnae & Danny! 

Creative Team


Videography:        Kim Clune, Alex Fagan, Katherine Wright
Editing:                   Katherine Wright

Event Details

Venue:                   Park Asia, Brooklyn, NY

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