Lindsey's Senior Portraits

Clarksburg Country Club, NY
Senior Portrait

The Making of Lindsey’s Senior Portraits

How does one photograph a young lady reluctant to have her senior portraits taken who won’t even share selfies with her mom? I did my darndest to make sure she knew this experience was for her, on her terms, and repeatedly showed her the gorgeous woman standing before my lens.

Getting Ready

I asked Lindsey to choose a place that would inspire memories when she looked back. She decided on the rarely used and secluded Clarksburg Country Club in Eden, NY. This space was amazing, with a rustic barn, beautiful foliage, a waterfall, and bridge, all within feet of each other. Beautiful, understated and untamed – it was the definition of this lovely girl whom I had quickly come to adore. 

Getting Set

Lindsey’s favorite part of the session was when I kicked her mother out. So sorry, Michele! Rest assured, Michele did not suffer. Her friend arrived and they enjoyed each other’s company, giving Lindsey the space she needed to be herself. Michele’s friend also surprised us with access to the barn as keeper of the key!


 Go Time

What happened next was magic. Seeing the back of the camera, Lindsey was often pleased. The moment I knew she was fully invested? When her reaction to one shot was “I look pissed. Let’s try again.”

And so it went. She gave in to making it happen and her trust in me grew as we teamed up to create images that we both loved – even if I nearly stumbled into the waterfall to make it happen.

Dear Lindsey,


I can’ t thank you enough for trusting me to be your senior portrait photographer. I had the best time chasing the sun with you! You are so smart, sassy, sweet and gorgeous inside and out. You will definitely make your own unique way in this world.

The Details

Venue:                             Clarksburg Country Club, Eden, NY
Makeup & Hair:             Lindsey Warner