Haley & Colin's Wedding

Stockade Inn, Schenectady, NY

“C” is for Commitment

There are plenty of C words involved with a wedding: ceremony, commitment, celebration. What never comes to mind is The Big C – cancer. 

When Colin’s father was diagnosed, his health was in significant decline and fading fast. Haley & Colin rearranged their plans for a 2017 destination wedding and focused on what was most important – presence, connection and holding precious every single moment they all had as a family together.

They first married in 2016 in a hospital chapel. But then a miracle happened. Colin’s father improved. No words convey the ripple of emotions that you’ll feel as this family gets to experience a second chance ceremony. Ther are no words. Just watch.

Congratulations, Haley, Colin & Family!!

Creative Team

Videography:        Kim Clune, Katherine Wright, Alex Fagan
Editing:                 Katherine Wright

Event Details

Venue:                   Stockade Inn
Dress Shop:           Bridal by Yvonne
Dress:                     Maggie Sottero
Accessories:           Tiffany & Co. and family heirlooms