Erin & Ben - Trash the Dress

Destination Wedding Photography - Costa Rica
The Bride and Goroom stroll down the beach.
The bride and groom steal a kiss at the water's edge at sunset.
The groom's hands hold tight around the back of the bride, lace peaking through his fingers.

The Mermaid Bride Takes the Plunge
– One More Time & Literally

The day after Erin & Ben said “I do” at their colorful Costa Rican destination wedding, they said “I do” once more — to trashing the dress.

Fearlessly accepting my invitation to a second shoot, these two found it romantically fun to risk the longevity of the bride’s once-in-a-lifetime wedding gown and the groom’s beachy linen attire.

What began as a toe tap into the ocean turned into spooning in the sand. Our couple became downright giddy in the caress of warm Central American waves. When Erin & Ben dove in head first, even I was surprised.

Erin said, if she has a daughter who gets married one day, she’ll just have to take her shopping. That’s part of the fun of getting married anyway.

And what were the dry cleaner’s words upon pickup? “I did the best I could.”

Interestingly, even after being packed away wet and sitting in Costa Rica’s humidiy for another week, the gown survived! The groom’s linen took the brunt of the rocky sand, and even that wasn’t too bad a turnout. Neither Erin or Ben mind.

As a photographer, I couldn’t be happier to deliver such a unique set of images. And one of my most cherished couples can share these photographs far more often than the clothing hanging in their closet. The couple is thrilled to have an amazing story to go with their gorgeous wedding portraits and a fun print to use for their thank you cards. And Erin and Ben’s hypothetical daughter? She may be able to wear her mother’s wedding dress after all.

The Details

Venue/Catering/Flowers:  Iguana Lodge, Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica
Makeup & Hair:                 Arranged through the Lodge
Dress:                               Anthropologie

Brie and groom sit kissing on a log lodge on the beach.
Waves swarm around the bride and groom's feet.
THe couple sit in the reflective sand in an embrace.
The bouquet lies neglected at the water's edge.
The couple passionately kisses while thigh deep in the ocean.
Kissing in the strong surf, the couple stands firm.
The couple's passion is undetereed by the ocean sands shifting beneath their feet.
The bride pushes the groom deeper still into the ocean.
The mermaid bride and her groom dive into the water head first.
The bride and groom's head is all that can be seen above water.
The couple reaches for one another to steady themselves on their way out of the ocean.
The bride writes her thank you message while her groom looks on.
The barefoot groom and bride stand by the words "thank you" written in the sand.