Erin & Ben's Destination Wedding Photography

Iguana Lodge, Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica
Bride and groom gaze upon each other at the base of a vine-covered tree.
Bride and Groom adore each other and are reflected in a fountain.

The World Cannot Contain This Love

Erin & Ben are the story of global exploration and coming home, now and forever, with and to each other. Their destination wedding photography illustrates this so very clearly. Their love overflows each and every frame.

How This Moment Came to Be

Natives to Bainbridge Island, Washington, Erin & Ben became friends twelve years prior to their wedding day while working at Doc’s Marina Bar & Grill. After 6 years of friendship, Erin finally accepted Ben’s invitation to their first date. And then they parted ways, if only to grow closer.

While Erin traveled abroad to volunteer across Africa and India, Ben continued his studies at Seattle University and Universidad Iberoamericana. The two remained connected by way of daily phone calls. These served to strengthen their relationship against the odds of 9 long months apart. Upon Erin’s return, she and Ben began to entwine their lives until they could no longer imagine themselves apart.

Where Worlds Meet

Erin & Ben’s Costa Rican Earth Day wedding unites their love for exploring worlds away with all their cherished and familiar faces of home. From family who adores them (myself included), childhood friends, schoolmates, and the Doc’s crew, the couple was surrounded by people who truly love them. Guests traveled from both US coasts and as far as Jordan to witness Erin & Ben take the plunge. And they did so quite literally. The day after their vows, they dove straight into the ocean in a spectacular and surprising “trash the dress” shoot.

Congratulations, Erin & Ben!

As large as it is, the world cannot contain the enormity of love between your two hearts. The authenticity of your love is evident in the intenstity of your gaze and the comfort with which you embrace. Your precious union stems from the exploration of the world around you and your private world within, one filled with nurturing love, respect, adoration, patience and comfort.

By saying “I do,” you have become a permanent home for one another in each other’s hearts. No matter where you are, you will always be as one within. And the world will know love just by being in your presence. 

Bride and groom trash the dress in the name of love and destination wedding photography.

The Details

Venue/Catering/Flowers:  Iguana Lodge, Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica
Makeup & Hair:                  Arranged through the Lodge
Dress:                                   Anthropologie