Video: Environmentalists for Bernie Sanders

Kingston, NY

Environmentalists For Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has a comprehensive plan to fight climate change. He will take on the powerful fossil fuel companies and ban fracking in America. This is why he has the support of Josh Fox, Sandra Steingraber and Anthony Rogers-Wright.

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Posted by The People For Bernie Sanders on Monday, April 11, 2016

Filming 1000 Fractivists Rallying in Kingston, NY

In a personal fight against pipelines, my videography hit the main stage after filming a nearby rally with national impact. My interest in fractivism was first sparked confronting the black snake threatening the health and land rights of my own community. Then I learned about about how prevalent this issue is across the nation. With profits going to corporations, oil going overseas, and no jobs created, there is no local benefit. Communities are being sacrificed to line the pockets of oil barons and investors.

When I heard that Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox, biologist and author Sandra Steingraber, and activist Anthony Rogers-Wright were coming to Kingston, NY, I grabbed my cameras and hit the road. There, I lent my video skills to amplify the message of rampant fracking polution.

Josh and I first met at his launch of his 3rd film, How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things that Climate Can’t Change

While I never imagined or intended that my footage end up in a Primary election advertisement, I donated it all the same and felt exceptionally honored that it did. It was easy to get behind Bernie Sanders’ comprehensive plan to fight climate change.

This fight is far from over. I’ve been filming protests across New York State and crafting educational pieces since 2015. I will continue to film and amplify these events until our nation decides that renewables are the answer. I may be doing this for a long, long time…

Creative Team

Videography:            Josh Fox, Lee Ziesche, Kim Clune