Alysha & Danny's Wedding

Albany Country Club, NY
The groom ties his tie.
The bride gets into her dress with the help of her bridesmaids.

It’s in the way they see each other.

After more than 8 years together, Alysha and Danny said “I do.” Their connection on this special wedding day was as fresh, alive and beautiful as the day they fell in love.

Family is tremendously important to this couple, and each side has long been connected to the other.

Because Alysha’s father passed before he could walk his little girl down the isle, they infused her father’s memory – and his love for golf – into so much of their celebration. Thus their choice of the Albany Country Club as their venue. Danny’s brother Ronald officiated the ceremony beautifully, solidifying what already was – two hearts and two families officially becoming one.

Congratulations, Alysha & Danny!

May your continued journey be as sweet as your beginnings and at least 8 times as long!


Videography:             Al Woodard Films
Venue & Catering:     Albany Country Club
Makeup:                     Erin Marzilli
Flowers:                     On from Surroundings Floral
Dj:                               Dj Zog (Miami)
Dress:                        Maggie Sottero
Shoes:                        Kate Spade

Bride and groom gaze into each other's eyes.
The invitation is set on the golf green and photographed with a golf club and ball.
Bride gets her lips painted.
Makeup brushes ready for use.
Bridesmaid watched her hair getting done in the mirror.
Mama cuddles her little flower girl.
Flower girl plays with bridesmaid shoes.
Bridesmaid checks bride's lipstick.
Lace from the hem of the bridal gown.
Little girl brushes her bangs in the mirror.
Bridesmaid gets hair sprayed.
Hair stylists pose with bridesmaid.
Mom's laughing with the girls as they get ready.
All the bridesmaids' shoes
Champagne glasses with girls' names on them
Shoes and Champlain glasses sit on the window sill.
Flower girl gets her bow tied.
Flower girls hold hands in pink puff dresses.
Flower girl awaits her shoes.
Flower girl gets her sho put on
A tiny foot gets a ballet slipper put on.
Flower girl gets her bracelet
Mom gets her dress adjusted.
Bride laughs
Bridesmaid put her strap oy shoes on.
Bridesmaid checks her dress in the mirror.
Bride pulls her gown on.
Bridesmaids zip up the bride.
Giggling bride
Bridesmaids bustle the bride.
Bridesmaids fluff the brides lace.
Mom puts bracelet on the bride.
Mom kisses bride.
Bridesmaid puts the bride's shoe on.
Bride lifts her lacy ruffles to reveal her shoes.
Bridesmaids toast the bride.
Building's corner stone
Flower girls roll golf balls.
Flower girl runs across putting green.
Flower girl runs for a bouquet.
Bride cuddles flower girl sisters.
Bride and bridesmaid
Mom, bride and sister smiling at one another.
Pink white and purple flowers make up the bridal bouquet.
Bridal portrait.
Bride looks at her bouquet.
Groom ties his tie.
Groom's boutenir
Groom poses and looks off camera
Groom smiles for the camera.
Groom laughs.
Little one looks out from behind dad.
Groom puts an arm around mom
Girls look through window at groom and groomsmen.
Groom and groomsmen
4 tiered cake with white frosting and silver candies.
Silver dives top the cake
Gorgeous tall vases with cream, pink and purple flower arrangements
Ream lining and purple napkins adorn the tables.
Mr. And Mrs. decorations on the head table
Golf balls adorn the table tops.
Mom is ushered down the aisle.
Groom heads to the arbor for the ceremony.
The groom and his brother await the bride.
The groom's brother officiates.
Bridesmaids come down the aisle.
Bridesmaid comes down the aisle.
The ring bearer comes down the aisle.
Flower girls come down the aisle.
Mom walks bride down the aisle.
The ceremony begins.
Reading one
View from the back of the ceremony.
The bride smirks during the ceremony.
Second guest does a reading.
Guest reads next to the bride.
Groom hold bride's hands.
The bride and groom lean in for a kiss.
The bride and groom kiss.
Champagne and strawberries
Bridesmaids and groomsmen line up alongside the couple.
Wedding party jumps in a freeze frame.
Bride and groom walk into the sun.
The couple kisses in the middle of a field at sunset.
Groom hold the bride's train.
The couple shares a moment seated in a field.
The couple gaze into each other's eyes lit by sunset.
Groom kisses bride's forehead
The couple is backlit by sun in the garden.
The couple stands among the roses.
The bride tiptoes through the garden.
The couple leans into each other and the fence.
Couple hugs against a fence.
Signing the marriage license
Guest enjoy his drink at cocktail hour.
The bride's mother at cocktail hour.
4 guests pose
Guests enjoy cocktail hour outside.
Chandelier detail
Little ones enter reception.
The mothers enter the reception
Bridal party enters reception
Couple introduced the the reception.
Couple hits the dance floor
The couple draws close to dance.
The groom dips his bride.
Cheers the the couple.
The couple cuts the cake.
Dad and smiling son at their table.
Groom's mom dances
Groom's dad dances
Guest is swung by her partner.
The bride's mom dances with a young girl.
5 friends huddle for a photo.
Guests dance and dip.
Bridesmaid gets down.
3 guests high five.